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2017 Dividend Rates

On December 31, our members may have noticed payments to your share accounts.  We paid dividends at the rate of 1.5% for Class A Shares and 2.5% for Class C Shares.  Each year our Board of Directors sets a dividend rate on shares that is based on a number of factors including market conditions, deposit rates, capital strategies and Integris’ financial performance.  The higher C share rate is meant to compensate members for the five year restriction to their money and is well above market for five year term rates.  C Shares are an important part of our regulatory capital and are a way for members to not only balance the risk of their own investment portfolio, but also a way for YOU, our members, to support your Credit Union.

The Board and Management would like to thank the Membership of Integris.  By choosing Integris as your Financial Institution, we not only have your Financial back, but also strive to make your Community a better place to live.  At Integris, we are FROM HERE, ALL IN, and FOR YOU!  To learn more about 2017, please join us at our AGM on April 20, 2018.  More information on the AGM to come.


Alison Hoskins, CPA,CCE
Interim CEO