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Banking System Upgrade Message from the CEO

Message from the CEO

Banking system upgrade… a chance to embrace technological innovation. 

In 2013, Integris found out we had a banking system upgrade in our future.  Our current system at the time, was being sunsetted due to the acquisition of a competitor.  We took the chance to look forward.  Banking is an evolving industry.  Competition is rampant with non -traditional competitors entering the market and the expectations of our members and future members are changing quickly.  As a Credit Union, the best interests of our members, and the communities in which we live and work, are at the forefront of every decision we make.  I can assure you, YOU – our members – were at the forefront of this decision too.  We set out to pick a system that would have the capacity for us to meet your current and future needs, one that would evolve as quickly as our changing times, and be able to support technological changes as they happen.  We assembled a group of subject matter experts from across the Northern part of British Columbia and began system research.  In early 2015, we settled on T24, an emerging system in the Canadian market, but one with a strong foothold all across the globe.  T24 stood out from others based on the ability to adapt and respond to market changes and has been implemented in a number of well-known Canadian Credit Unions in the last couple years.

This past weekend, we went through our conversion.  After a two year long migration project we officially opened our branches running T24 on Tuesday October 31, 2017.  As with any new system we anticipate some challenges as we work through the next couple weeks and so we ask for your patience.  I can assure you your money and your banking needs are in exceptional hands at Integris.  Our staff that both worked on the project and in the branches have shown a commitment to your needs that is second to none.  If you have been missing anyone in your branch lately, they will start to trickle back over the next month and are looking forward to serving you with all your financial needs.

On behalf of Integris, and the Credit Union system, we thank you for choosing us.  Your deliberate choice is helping every day to make the community where you live a better place. We are working every day to be YOUR financial expert.

From here, All in, for YOU!

Alison Hoskins, CPA,CA, CCE
Interim CEO
VP Strategy & Finance