Become A Member

The Many And Varied Benefits Of Membership

When you join Integris, you become an owner, and who doesn’t want to own their financial institution?  This is why Integris has members, not customers.  Membership is open to everyone, with the minimum share requirement being $5.00 for personal and $25.00 for business.  This amount of money may not have much buying power at a local retail outlet but it has substantial benefits when invested with Integris. 

Integris members are entitled to:

  • democratic and equal ownership in Integris
  • access to all services:  banking, insurance, financial planning, group benefits, and succession planning
  • unlimited deposit protection as per the CUDIC®
  • the right to seek election to the Board of Directors
  • the right to vote in Directors elections

All staff and the Board of Directors have a vested interest in our membership and are fully accountable and responsible for the successful operation of our organization.


Local Membership, Local Decisions

Speaking of local, did you know that all Integris staff and our Board of Directors reside in the region.  We understand both the opportunities and the challenges presented by our local and regional economy.

This provides our membership with several key advantages over other financial institutions headquartered elsewhere:

  • recommendations and decisions made with local interests in mind
  • responsiveness – decisions can be made in a timely fashion
  • sensitivity to commercial needs – addressed with appropriate urgency
  • a caring approach (members are people, not account numbers)
  • experiential not transactional services  
  • access to all your financial needs in one convenient location

We treat all people equally; however, our relationship pricing model enables us to reward members who do more of their business with Integris.  We make the time to answer your questions, to explore options, and to develop solutions that best address your goals or challenges.

To experience unparalleled financial service, become an Integris member today.