Focus Your Time on What You Do Best

Operating any business involves the constant balancing of time and resources in order to maintain its viability and profitability.  As a business owner, it is important that most of your time and attention be spent on day-to-day operations.

At Integris, we understand the value of time to a business owner.  We can help you focus and concentrate your time on what you do best, your business, by offering a comprehensive and customizable package of commercial banking services in one central location.

The products and services that we provide for your business include:

  • Business Chequing and Savings Accounts
  • Lending/Borrowing
  • Deposit Options
  • Commercial Credit Cards
  • Investment Opportunities


As an Integris business member, you have access to streamlined solutions that align with your best interests and typical commercial practices.  In addition, we take a proactive approach in managing your specific solution/plan to maximize its value and its return to you and your business.

This practical approach includes:

  • developing and implementing a solution tailored to your business
  • regular monitoring and assessment of your banking needs
  • recommending changes and revisions to give you the best solutions available

Whether you are planning a start-up venture, looking to expand the reach of your current operations, or the owner of an established enterprise, speak with the staff at Integris about the advantages of merging your commercial banking into one central location.

Local Decision-Making is Efficient and Convenient

Regardless of the size or scope of your business, you likely agree that time is money.  At Integris, you have access to local decision-makers for all of your business banking, saving you time by eliminating the need to contact multiple suppliers based on the type of service.

You also have the flexibility contact us in the manner that you prefer – in-person, by phone, or on-line – adding efficiency and convenience to our local decision-making in addressing your needs or questions.

Save time and frustration by connecting with an Integris specialist today to discuss how we can serve all aspects of your commercial banking.