Lending Services

Find the Optimal Lending Solution for Your Business

At Integris, we appreciate that businesses require capital as part of a short-term or long-term strategy – we can help support that strategy through our commercial lending services.

Your business is undoubtedly important to you and your employees. You can rest assured that our commercial lending specialists can provide the right solution for you. Whether you are just starting out, planning to expand your current business, or in need of some upgrades, we can assist you with your financial goals.


Commercial Mortgages

  • thinking about buying a business or need to refinance an existing venture?
  • mortgages available for industrial, commercial, retail, rental properties and more

Commercial Loans

  • need to purchase assets for your business?
  • loans available for equipment, renovation/expansion, acquiring property, etc.

Operating Lines of Credit

  • want revolving access to funds whenever you might need them?
  • obtain funds to bridge cash flow issues, meet payroll, cover sudden expenses

Letters of Credit

  • available for construction projects, permits, contracts and more
  • use existing capital, or borrow in the form of a loan, to guarantee your work 

Contact our commercial lending team to discuss the best option for securing the funds you need for your business.