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Commercial Mortgages

The heart of commercial lending is the mortgage and at Integris we have many different options available. No two businesses are the same, so why should you have the same type of mortgage as anyone else?


With our Commercial CreditMaster® mortgage, your financing opportunities are unlimited. Speak with a commercial account manager today for more information about Commercial mortgages.

Benefits of the Commercial CreditMaster® Mortgage

  • Product Flexibility – The loan agreements secured by the mortgage can be tailored to any credit union loan product without modifying the mortgage.
  • All Credit Needs Satisfied – future credit needs can be accommodated by making additional loans under the mortgage. All of products can be secured by the mortgage and new loans and amendments are easy to process.
  • Lower Interest Rates – Mortgage interest rates are better than term loan interest rates. This means that by modifying your mortgage to mimic term loans, you can have several loan products, all with great rates.
  • Lower Legal Costs – With the Commercial CreditMaster® mortgage the property is secured in a way that allows us to re-advance funds without additional legal fees.
  • Convenient – Our renewal and re-advance options are simplified to make your mortgage a stress free solution.
  • Blend and Extend – With our blend and extend program you can change your mortgage term and any time, just blend your old rate with your new one. Speak with a commercial lender today about applicable penalties. 

What can you mortgage?

  • An existing property
  • A strata lot or a subdivision
  • A construction project
  • Income producing (rental) property including:
    • Shopping centers, offices, medical centers, multi-unit residential buildings, industrial buildings, commercial buildings and more.
  • Second Mortgages

Mortgage Options

Term: 1-5, 7 and 10 year terms available

Interest Rate: Fixed or Variable

Make Additional Payments (Prepayment): Prepay up to 20% of your original mortgage amount annually without penalty.

Increase your payment amount: Your existing mortgage payment can be increased by 20% annually. The increase to your payment will help you pay down your mortgage faster decreasing the amount of interest you will pay.

Payment frequency options: Payment options include, but are not limited to, blended payments of principal and interest with many different frequency options including: Monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly or weekly.

For seasonal businesses, payments may be adjusted to meet member needs.