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Operating Line Of Credit


An Integris Operating line of credit is a great financial tool to help with day-to-day business finances. Whether it is to cover fluctuations in cash flow or to purchase inventory in advance for seasonal sales, an operating line of credit can help you with all of your operating needs.

So when do you apply?

Consider applying when you don’t need an operating line of credit so that it is available when you do. With this easy-to-use credit product you can have the financial flexibility you need to run a successful business.

Speak with a commercial lending specialist today to open your operating line of credit.

Benefits & Features

  • Unlimited access to your operating line of credit through your MEMBER CARD® Debit card, business cheques, online banking, telephone banking, and in-branch services.
  • Pay off your line of credit – in part or in full – any time without penalty.
  • You only pay interest on what you use.
  • Variable interest rates are available for all operating lines of credit.
  • Purchase equipment in a fast efficient way, without having to get a loan first
  • With an operating line of credit, you are able to pay bills or make needed purchases prior to the arrival of your receivables
  • Optional insurance – Life and disability (up to $500,000) available
Interest RateVariable rate interest
PaymentsEvery time you deposit into your account you are making a payment on your operating line of credit
Increase your payment amountMinimum monthly payment is accumulated interest