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Seven wide within five, we serve you proud.


Don’t fret and cool your jets – we’ve got aviation coverage.

As an Insurance Broker, we have access to many different insurance companies offering you the best policies in the ‘biz’. So whether you are leaving on a jet plane or learning to spread your wings come and see an Integris Professional today.

Why choose Integris Insurance?

Our Insurance department has experienced professionals, excellent service and a customized solution just for you – specific to your needs as an individual and a business owner.

What types of aircrafts do we cover?

We offer coverage for private aircrafts, commercial aircrafts, float planes, helicopters and even the occasional rocket. Our coverage is customized to suit your aircraft/pleasure craft/fly-away dream machine.

What type of coverage do we offer?

  • Hull coverage
  • Liability Coverage
  • Accident Benefits
  • Personal Property Coverage
  • Non-Owned Aircraft Coverage

Because our policies are so personalized, there are many options available for aviation coverage. Speak with an Integris Insurance Specialist or book an appointment today.