Planning & Benefits

Planning & Benefits

Integris Financial Planning Services Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Integris Credit Union.

Fully Integrated Services In One Central Location


Traditionally, many employers have elected to use separate providers for their commercial insurance plans and their employee group benefits plans. At Integris, we make this decision a lot easier – we offer both services so you only have to choose a single provider.

With favourable coverage packages and a convenient administrative process, our plans will negate the frustration, inconvenience, and time lost that could result from dealing with separate coverage providers.

To reduce and/or avoid such issues, Integris offers employers fully integrated services that address all of the major financial aspects of their businesses in one central and local setting.

No commercial client is considered too small or too large when discussing group health benefits and group pension plans with Integris. For employers with staff ranging in number from single digits toward infinity, our team will create a customized solution that best encompasses the needs of your company.

Trust the Financial Well-Being of Your Business to Integris

By merging your group health benefits and pension plans with Integris, you can capitalize on the following distinct advantages versus other financial institutions or single-service suppliers:

  • forging a relationship with one provider for all your needs
  • a more personal relationship than telephone contact with a call centre
  • direct access to decision-makers who understand our local economy
  • advice from our on-staff Certified Human Resources Professional
  • plans customized to the size of your staff and scope of your business
  • time savings – one local contact for all your questions, follow-up, etc.

Integris is far more than just a banking institution. You can rely on Integris as a trusted partner in establishing and maintaining the financial well-being of your business. Contact our experts or book an appointment to begin developing your fully integrated 360-degree solution.

Integris Financial Planning Services Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Integris Credit Union.