Education Awards

Post-Secondary Awards



Each year we provide a scholarship to The Credit Union Foundation for the College of New Caledonia (CNC) and the Credit Union Foundation matches our endowment with one of their own. The bursaries are awarded on an annual basis to students that are seeking to continue their education at any academic, technical or trades program through the regional campuses of CNC.

Over one hundred bursaries are provided every year through the Foundation! In 2013, the Credit Union Foundation awarded $151,840 to 146 applicants. The funds came from 108 branches of the 30 participating BC Credit Unions. That’s a lot of Moola!

For additional information about Credit Union Foundation grants and bursaries, or to apply online, visit the Credit Union Foundation’s website .



Through the Awards and Financial Aid Office at UNBC, Integris offers several scholarships. There are three awards offered to seven students. The awards include:

  • The Integris Credit Union Athletics Scholarship awarded to four students,
  • The Integris Credit Union Bursary awarded to two individuals, and
  • The Integris Credit Union Scholarship awarded to one individual.

For more information on the awards and selection process, please visit the UNBC website, or contact the UNBC Awards and Financial Aid Office.