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Integris named HubSpace Title Sponsor

Hubspace Grand Opening!

The dreamers, researchers, entrepreneurs, academics and industry workers now have a new home and it is called The HubSpace Community.

Integris is pleased to announce a new collaborative partnership with The HubSpace Community – a place for change makers to come together through collaborative, cooperative, and creative thought.  This is a space where innovation will live, breathe, take root, evolve and advance our community.

Integris, the title sponsor for the HubSpace Community, is now a Founders 50 member for Innovation Central Society. HubSpace is located in the downtown core of Prince George offering temporary and permanent office space, networking opportunities, workshops, resources and more for entrepreneurs and startups. The office space will be in a beta testing mode for the next year as the HubSpace grows their Founders 50 sponsors.

Shauna Harper, Interim Executive Director of Innovation Central Society says “The Province of BC announced the creation of a $100M venture capital fund to stimulate growth in the fast moving technology and innovation sector.” The venture capital fund shows the Province’s dedication to innovation and technology; it is going to “strengthen and create jobs and diversify our economy” finished Harper.

“It’s not one discipline that drives innovation, it is that collection of forward-thinking, creative, outside the box individuals that drive innovation” says Dr. Geoff Payne, VP of Research for the University of Northern British Columbia. UNBC has also become a collaborative partner and a Founders 50 member; hopefully this means it won’t be long before the College of New Caledonia and Emily Carr come on board as well.

Technology and innovation are important to businesses, as well as the economy of BC; Ray Kurzweil, a panelist at the BC Tech Summit says “The rate of change is now so rapid that even three to five year business plans need to consider that every level of an industry will undergo major changes…it’s not just the devices we carry around that are influenced by these exponential changes. Health and medicine is now an information technology with the collection of the human genome, the means of changing genes in a mature individual, and the ability to design interventions on computers and to test them on biological simulators. Even energy will be transformed as we apply nanotechnology to the design of solar panels and energy storage devices. The means to change the world is in everyone’s hands.”

“Integris is an innovative credit union and a collaborative partnership with HubSpace most definitely aligned with our values. Credit Unions are champions of small business in BC and partnering with a community of innovators, collaborators and cooperators is smart business. Innovation and creativity – it is a process – and with these great minds in one place, at the HubSpace, I can’t wait to see the great ideas they bring forward,” said David Bird, President and CEO of Integris Credit Union.

cori-ramsay Written by Cori Ramsay, BA – Communications Officer