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Introducing the Online Community Calendar…

Keeping track of all the different events in each of our five communities is sometimes hard. And with all the fundraiser’s, sports games, and craft fair’s – especially during the upcoming Christmas season – there are so many awesome events that we would like to attend or participate in.

We needed to find a way to keep track of them all so we decided to develop a community calendar that showcases events from all five of our communities. This calendar allows us to see what’s happening in Clinton, Fort St. James, Prince George, Quesnel, Vanderhoof. There is also an option to view all calendars at once – don’t be alarmed because at first glance it is a little overwhelming (we can’t help it, we like to be busy).

The Communities Calendar also allows us to feature events that are near and dear to our hearts, such as the 2015 Canada Winter Games and the UNBC Timberwolves Basketball, both of whom we have developed partnerships with.

CiderI promise, it is filled with many awesome events that you will want to attend:

  • The Studio Fair in Prince George (Oct. 31-Nov. 2),
  • The Pumpkin Walk & Riverside Park Fireworks show in Vanderhoof (Oct. 31),
  • The 14th Annual Taste of Quesnel Variety Dinner & Artisan Auction (Nov. 22),
  • Moonlight Madness in Fort St. James (Nov. 28),
  • The Community Christmas Banquet in Clinton (Dec. 6).

So, make yourself a nice cup of tea and plop down in front of the computer to start planning all the events you want to attend. You can check out our Communities Calendar under the Communities tab, or click on this link.

CU Soon! 

cori-ramsay Written by Cori Ramsay, BA – Communications Officer