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New ICBC Software Coming Soon

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, commonly referred to as ICBC, is currently in the process of updating their current software that is used to sell auto insurance and register vehicles for customers. The change will assist with managing claims and calculating rates and ICBC has said that driver’s should not see a change in service while renewing or buying insurance from their Autoplan broker.

The current system used by ICBC is 40 years old and the new system will work in conjunction with already implemented software used in the insurance industry, making it easier for brokers once fully implemented.

Integris insurance agents have completed the required training and feel confident they can continue to offer a high level of service through this transition.

ICBC has stated that while there should not be any expected service disruptions, those individuals with upcoming insurance renewals should consider allowing for extra time to renew as a precaution.

ICBC CEO Mark Blucher called the software update “the single biggest, most complicated, implementation this company has ever seen in its history.” The software conversion is expected to occur September 11th.

There are roughly 10,000 insurance agents in the Province of British Columbia and all brokers will be going through the software change at the same time. We ask that you please be patient with brokers during this time.

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