Trades Student Loan Program

Introducing the Trades Student Loan Program

– by Integris for your Life out Here

Thank you for choosing Canada’s most versatile training facilities – O’Brien Training Ltd. and Taylor Professional Driving!

Students may require financial assistance to cover educational expenses. Accordingly, O’Brien Training and Taylor Driving have partnered with Integris Credit Union so that students complete their training with less financial stress.  As a student, bearing the full cost of the training program while meeting other financial obligations is often not possible.  Integris is here to help.

Integris has streamlined/simplified the borrowing process for O’Brien/Taylor students.  Please speak with Tara at O’Brien/Taylor to initiate your Integris conversation.  Integris will feel different than other places you have banked.  Out Here, different is how it’s done.  Welcome to Integris Country!

O’Brien Training & Taylor Driving produces safe, certified, experienced and mechanically competent industry professionals.  Integris is here to help O’Brien/Taylor students to the fullest extent possible.

A full credit check will be completed for all student loan applications.  Some applicants will require a qualified co-signor.  Integris will gauge all lending applications based on the strength of the individual applicant and only require co-signors if the lending application requires one for approval.

To book an appointment call 250-612-3456 today or apply online:

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