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We know what you’re thinking – what could be better than a local financial cooperative? A local financial cooperative with access to the same products and services as a big bank. The only difference? Our profits are going back into our communities. So ask yourself this – do you have an Android or an Apple? Because we’ve got an app for that!

The Integris Mobile App

Integris Mobile App

Love your phone? Now you can love it more with the Integris mobile app! It’s online banking at your fingertips!

The mobile app:

  • Easy to use
  • Has all online banking features
  • Allows you to view your balance immediately, without having to log in
  • Totally free!

The app is available for download in the app store for Apple or Android. Check it out today and simplify your banking.

Available on Apples App StoreGet it on Google Play

Ding Free® ATM Locator App

Ding Free App

We’ve all been there. Standing in front of another financial institution’s ATM, just waiting to get dinged by a surcharge fee for accessing our cash. One dollar, two dollars, three dollars…the surcharges vary, but the frustration of getting “dinged” remains the same. That is, unless you belong to a credit union!

With access to a national network of ding free® ATMs from BC to Newfoundland, Canadian credit union members can keep more of their money where it belongs – in their wallets! It’s a network of ATMs that’s bigger than most banks and it’s all ding free.

What’s a ding free® ATM anyway?

A ding free ATM doesn’t charge you for the convenience of using it. Regardless of where you are or the credit union you happen to belong to, chances are there’s a ding free ATM near you.

Available for Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices, our new ding free locator app makes it easy to find surcharge-free ATMs on the go.

Available on Apples App Store Get it on Google Play Blackberry App WorldWindows Store

The Exchange ATM Locator

The Exchange ATM Finder App

Have you ever looked at the back of your debit card and wondered what all those little symbols mean? It’s kind of like playing a video game. When you match a symbol on the back of your debit card with a symbol on the ATM, you know your card is going to work.

THE EXCHANGE® Network gives you convenient access to your accounts at over 3,300 full-service ATMs across Canada, without paying additional surcharges. Use your app today to find free ATM’s in the United States using the Accel® network!

THE EXCHANGE® ATM Locator app is now available for the Apple, Android and BlackBerry smartphones. The apps are free! Just search for EXCHANGE ATM locator in the list of available apps in the app store or click the following:

Available on Apples App Store Get it on Google Play Blackberry App World Windows Store

Mobile App Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download the mobile app on my phone?

Do I have to pay anything?

I get an error or it sends me back to the login screen. Why can't I login?

What is QuickView?

Does the QuickView feature automatically display my balances?

Will the mobile app work if I have a shared or joint account?

Will I still see my Personal Access Image when I log in?

If my phone is lost or stolen, will my information be at risk?

Does QuickView use data while it is turned on?

I'm using a different brand of smartphone. Can I still access mobile banking?

How do I remove the app from my iPhone?

Don’t see your question listed, give us a call, we’d love to hear from you!