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Term Deposits

What is a Term Deposit?

When you invest in a term deposit you deposit a sum of money for a specific period of time at a fixed interest rate. Usually, the longer the investment period, the higher the rate of interest paid.

What is the difference between a Term Deposit and a GIC?

At Integris, there is no difference between a term deposit and a guaranteed investment certificate (GIC). Integris offers many different investment options when it comes to term deposits and our interest rates are very competitive with the larger financial institutions.

Term Deposits

How long do I put my money in a term deposit?

Term deposits can be attractive when you are investing for a long term (up to 10 years) and also when you have excess cash for a brief period of time (as little as 30 days). You choose the term you desire. It may even be possible to divide your investment into a number of terms, either to ensure you have funds as you need them or to reduce the effects that changes in interest rates have on future reinvestments.

What type of account do I need for a Term Deposit?

Term deposits may be placed under any of our regular account types. Any of the current term offerings may also be deposited into an RRSP, a RRIF or a TFSA contract.

What is the difference between cashable/redeemable term deposits and non-cashable/non-redeemable term deposits?

Some term deposits are specified as “cashable” or “redeemable.” In these cases, you have the option of cashing your investment before maturity, at a lower rate of return than you would receive otherwise. Usually your funds must remain in the term deposit for a minimum period of time or else you will not receive any interest. “Cashable” and “redeemable” investments usually have slightly lower returns than non-cashable and non-redeemable equivalents.

Term Banking

Do you have a special rate term deposit?

In addition to our standard term deposit offerings, we usually have term deposit specials. These specials are priced higher than our standard deposits and often have special cashability features. Check in-branch or our current rates page for current promotions.

Do you have any term deposits for youth?

To help our Junior Members develop good saving habits, we’ve lowered the minimum deposit required for our term deposits. With only $100, our junior members can invest in any of our term deposit offerings.

What is an index-linked term deposit and what are the benefits of having one?

Index-Linked Term Deposits allow you to diversify your investments by allocating your funds in stocks, bonds and cash equivalents without risking your principal investment. This is a Canadian investment that is linked to the Toronto 60 Index. Because term deposit rates have been low, index-linked term deposits are an attractive way to enhance potential returns while ensuring that the initial investment remains secure. These term deposits are available for fixed terms of 3 or 5 years. No management fees or commissions are applied.

Do you have US dollar term deposits?

Along with our US Dollar chequing accounts, we also offer a wide range of term deposits dealing in US Dollars.

Deposit Insurance

B.C. Credit Union Deposits are 100% guaranteed by the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

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