Lending Services

Personal Loans

Do you have a financial goal? Our competitive personal loans with a variety of repayment options can help you achieve the things you want and need. Whether it’s a new vehicle purchase, a home renovation, a vacation or something else entirely, we’re here to help! 

Check out our loan options and see how we can help you today.

You have a choice of:

  • Variable or fixed interest rates
  • Repayment options – monthly, semi- monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly
  • Repayment terms – along with our 1-5 year loans, we also offer 6 & 7 year loans for new or nearly new cars…this means lower monthly payments
  • Loan insurance – creditor’s life and disability insurance is available, and you can also finance the premium making your payment plan stress-free
  • Pre-approved loans so you can shop around in confidence – we’re here when you’re ready to make a decision.

Why borrow from Integris?

With lending this good, how could you say no.

Personal Loans

  • Our appointments are fast, efficient and easy to book
  • We offer competitive interest rates
  • Decisions are made here, locally 
  • Funds are desposited into your account right away

We value our members and offer rates based on our relationships. The more products that you have with Integris – whether it is through the banking, insurance or financial planning – the better the rate we can negotiate.

Speak with one of our professionals or request an appointment today to discuss your borrowing options.

RRSP Loan Application

Take advantage of those unused RRSP contribution limits with an RRSP loan! Saving for retirement is an important financial goal and sometimes we just don’t have the cash to make that contribution. Here’s how a RRSP loan from Integris can benefit you:

Benefits of borrowing for your RRSP

  • Maximize your tax break
  • Grow your investment – tax free compounding
  • Top up unused RRSP contribution room from previous years
  • Top up this year’s RRSP contribution
  • Take advantage of our low RRSP loan interest rates
  • Short loan terms allow you to pay back borrowed funds in a short period of time.

Speak with one of our experts or request an appointment today about RRSP Loans.