Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Integris Financial Planning Services Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Integris Credit Union.

A stand-up comedian might generate a few laughs by stating that their retirement plan consists of buying lottery tickets every week.  At Integris, we take a much more in-depth approach to helping our members plan their financial future and security.

Our financial planning representatives will ask the right questions to obtain a detailed understanding of your present needs, your worries/concerns, and your future goals and dreams then prepare a customized plan that addresses the following aspects accordingly:

One of the services we provide is access to a Financial Planning Representative, who can help you with your specialized retirement income needs.

Why Do I Need Help with my Retirement Income Planning?

When we are young, we like to think of retirement as a permanent vacation, and while it seems like a lovely idea, the implementation behind that idea isn’t always an easy task. It takes planning and investing, and a whole lot of expert advice in order to have enough money when we retire – and this is only the first step.

Once retirement kicks in – as an individual or a member of a two-person household – we have to figure out how much money to withdraw from our RSPs, or our TFSA, and which one is going to be better.  Sometimes, consulting an expert is a lot easier and a whole lot less stressful than figuring it out on your own.  Because let’s face it, two paychecks is semi-easy to manage – but when you have eight or more possible sources of income coming into your account (CPP, LIRAs, OAS, Pension, TFSA, RRSPs, etc. all at different times of the month) it can become a little tricky to manage.

Our Financial Planning Representatives are for people of all ages who want to plan for their future. Whether you know what you want, or you don’t know at all, we can help you discover the possibilities that are available to you, so that when that special ‘permanent vacation’ comes, you are ready in the way you want to be.

See one of our Financial Planning Representatives today so we can help you:

  • make a plan
  • stick to that plan, or change it when life gives you those unexpected hiccups
  • determine the lifestyle you want during retirement, and figure out what you need to do in order to make it a reality
  • manage the many income streams after retirement

Qtrade Advisor

Securities are offered through Qtrade Advisor, a division of Qtrade Securities Inc., Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.


Am I Too Young to Need a Financial Plan?

The earlier you get your finances on track, the better.  High school curriculums do not teach students personal finance, budgeting, or saving for retirement.  We will give you the knowledge to make better financial decisions based on your situation.

Do I Need to Have an Integris Membership?

While we encourage having a membership with Integris, it is not required to use our Financial Planning services.

Our Financial Planning Representatives are knowledgeable and trustworthy, and understand your needs because we are just like you.  Come visit us or book your appointment today.