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Estate Planning

The topic of mortality is never easy … but having a plan should be.  With the right advisor and a customized plan, your loved ones will be assisted and supported during a difficult and stressful time.  A comprehensive plan will ensure that your wishes are realized in the event you become incapacitated or succumb to death.  In the event you become incapacitated, having a living will and an Enduring Power of Attorney is critical in the event you cannot make decisions for yourself. Please consult a Lawyer or a Notary Public for your Last Will & Testament and the requisite legal advice. 

What is an estate?

When you pass away, your assets become part of your estate. It could be as small as a few hundred dollars, or it could include a home (or two), or some additional property and assets – it could also include that secret million you’ve stashed away in your safety deposit box (just kidding…we don’t actually recommend storing cash in those things, but it is a good place for a will).


Planning an estate is challenging, but our Financial Planning Representatives can ‘uncomplicate’ the process, and also illuminate any tax implications. They can also provide you with a number of ways to shorten the delay that might occur for your heirs when receiving their inheritance. 

What can a Financial Planning Representative do for you?

  • Help you create a plan, giving your family peace of mind that everything is taken care of,
  • Ensure all your wishes are fulfilled,
  • Simplify the estate planning process,
  • Highlight any tax requirements and consequences,
  • Help shorten the time for which an heir receives an inheritance – they can also help you prolong this period, if that is what you wish.

Speak with a Financial Planning Representative today or book an appointment for more information about your estate plan.

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