Registered Plans



There are many different government plans designed to help Canadian citizens. Whether it’s for education, retirement, or general savings, there is a plan for you. There is also a government plan for people with disabilities. This plan helps with long term savings and also provides the opportunity to receive government grants and bonds.

What is an RDSP?

A Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) is a registered product created by the Government of Canada. This plan is designed to help disabled Canadians and their families form good long-term savings habits – RDSP participants may be eligible for grants and bonds from the government assistance program.

If you are a Canadian citizen with a social insurance number, under age 60 and are eligible to receive the Disability Tax Credit, then you should consider opening a RDSP.

Who is eligible for a RDSP?

There are many different disabilities that are eligible for the RDSP. If you are receiving the Disability Tax Credit, under age 60 and a Canadian with a valid SIN, you may be eligible for your RDSP.

With the registered disability long term savings plan, you may contribute on an annual basis any amount – with a lifetime maximum limit of $200,000.

View the Government T2201 form to see if you qualify for the Disability Tax Credit, which in turn will reveal if you also qualify for an RDSP.

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