Other Insurance

Travel Insurance

At Integris Insurance we offer a variety of irregular insurance products that you might not think of on a regular basis. These products include coverages such as Travel Insurance and Special Events Coverage.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can provide coverages for lost baggage, and trip cancellation, as well as additional medical expenses that may not be covered by your provincial health coverage plan.

Specialty Insurance

Special Events Coverage can cover any liability exposures you may have during an event you are hosting. If property is damaged or someone is injured during your event, the costs associated with these incidents can be expensive. By insuring your event you are protecting yourself from financial loss.

Integris Insurance Services provides a wide range of coverages for both personal and commercial uses. If you do not see a product listed on the website, it doesn’t mean we don’t have access to it. Please call us or use our request a quote option for any questions you may have. Help us help you with Integris Insurance!