Home & Tenant

Property Insurance

At Integris Insurance, we know that your property – whatever it may be – is important. That is why we have a variety of insurance companies that we work with to make sure you have the best policy available.

Why should you choose Integris Insurance?

For starters, when it comes to our policies – we are competitive. We have superior service, and above all else, our brokers are time-conscious, because let’s face it – who wants to wait in an office for an hour to renew your policy when you could be out on the water/road/forest having a blast instead.

Keep in mind, with Integris Insurance you don’t need to be a member to take advantage of our amazing brokerage.

What kind of policies do we have?

There is something for everyone:

  • ICBC Autoplan, with special policies
  • Recreational Vehicle insurance for:
    • Boats
    • ATV’s
    • Travel Trailers
    • Snow Mobiles
    • Off-road bikes
    • RV’s, including: Campers, Tent Trailers, Fifth Wheels, Motor Homes, and more
  • Farm Insurance
  • Tenant insurance – with senior tenant packages that include discounts
  • Home insurance policies for:
    • Residential homes
    • Mobile homes
    • Rented dwellings
    • Seasonal residence for cabins and cottages, and more.
    • Log homes
    • Condos
  • Travel Insurance
  • Special Insurance for events such as:
    • Weddings
    • Party/Liability insurance
    • Hole-in-one insurance

So if you are going on a trip, taking a cruise in your new ride, or testing the power of your new toy, make sure you are fully covered in case of accidents, theft and more. Contact us today or request a quote so we can make sure you can keep doing what you love.

P.S. Don’t forget that our Clinton office can do Interim Driver’s Licenses!