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Enhanced Water Protection

Ever wonder why your insurance premiums increase? Water damage has been increasing in frequency and severity over the past 10 years with an exponential leap in the number of water damage claims being processed.

Did you know that water has now surpassed fire as Canada’s leading cause of personal property claims? The costs of water damage come in many forms including:

  • Rising insurance rates
  • Increasing minimum deductibles
  • Depreciating property values

The Enhanced Water Damage Package can protect both your primary and secondary residences and provides coverage for Sewer Backup, Water and Sewer Lines, Overland Water, Ground Water.

Enhanced Water Damage Package Facts:

  • The package offers additional coverage to fund future loss mitigation devices. You could benefit from a $1,000 credit available for the installation of a loss mitigation device after a covered Sewer Back Up loss.
  • Various coverage limits are available for customers. You will have the choice and ability to customize your coverage based on your needs.

Water damage is becoming more prevalent and damages can come from many difference sources. The Enhanced Water Damage Package is a comprehensive, accessible and affordable protection that guards you from the many different water damage scenarios.

For more information about the Enhances Water damage Package from our providers, speak with an Integris Insurance Representative today.

What is Water Damage?

Slow, sudden or even explosive, water damage can occur from a broken pipe, an overflowing toilet, a leaky roof, or a sewer backup. Small or large, water damage can create a big problem. With proper maintenance and simply keeping an eye on things, you can prevent or minimalize the effects of most water and water-related damages.

How to protect against water damage:


  • Clear eavestroughs of leaves and other debris at least once a year
  • If you have asphalt shingles, make sure they are not deteriorated, worn or curling
  • Packing your garden hose away for the winter? Don’t forget to drain the pipe


  • Replace plastic or rubber water supply lines connecting appliances or plumbing fixtures in your home with flexible steel braided hoses
  • If you’re away for more than four consecutive days at a time during the regular heating season, have someone check the heating system daily – or shut off the water and drain the pipes before you leave
  • Make sure your attic is properly insulated and ventilated
  • Consider connecting your plumbing and heating system to a 24-hour monitored alarm service
  • Consider installing a water sensor detection system with shut-off valves designed to turn off the main water line in the event of a plumbing failure

In the Basement:

  • The basement is often the first place you’ll experience water damage
  • Keep floor drains unobstructed – and be sure not to cover them
  • Store items in plastic storage containers on raised shelving
  • Always check your basement for leaks after heavy rainfall or rapid thaw

Water damage can occasionally mean replacing damaged property – remember to create and keep a current and detailed inventory of belongings in your home. This can be done by taking photos, consolidating receipts, warranties and proofs of purchase.

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