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Buyer Protection

Buyer Protection & Extended Warranty

Imagine buying a top-of-the-line smart phone – it’s beautiful and everything you’ve ever wanted in a cellular device. You immediately start using it but haven’t had time to purchase a case and within a few days something happens…

Image of Cracked iPhone 6

It’s an unfortunate story, but one that happens quite often. Now just imagine purchasing it on your MemberCard® Debit Card and having the damage covered.

With the Buyer Protection plan, members with a MemberCard® Debit Card are automatically enrolled in the program and eligible for protection on most retail items purchased on their card (including gifts – we’re looking at you mom and dad, who gave their teenager a smartphone for Christmas).

With Buyer Protection, your purchase is covered for 120 days after the purchase date which means if it’s stolen, broken or even consumed in a fire – it’s covered! With Buyer Protection, when you make a claim the item will either be replaced or refunded.

Extended Warranty

Even better, the program doubles the manufacturer’s warranty, which means if your purchase dies one day after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, you’re still covered.

There’s no applications and no extra costs to the program – just one more reason to live life out here as a credit union member!

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