Relationship Pricing

…a Relationship Worth Building!

What is relationship pricing?

You may have heard us use the term ‘relationship pricing’ in the branch or within the content on the website but what does it mean actually mean?

Simply put, the more products and services you have with Integris, the more incentives we can offer you.

We know that switching your bank account to a credit union is a major pain in the butt…

…but what if moving could save you money?

It can!  At Integris, you could get discounted interest rates on your mortgage or increased interest rates on deposits; insurance rebates on your car, home or life insurance policies, and more!

Incentives can come from:

  • chequing and savings account;
  • owning registered investments such as RRSP’s, RRIF’s, RESP’s;
  • mortgages;
  • Non-registered investments such as GIC’s, Mutual Funds, Stocks, and Segregated Funds;
  • Life or Disability Insurance from Integris Financial Planning;
  • Private Auto Insurance and more.

All of these services are things that you most likely already use – but using them all with Integris – it just makes sense.

A bank may think of you as a number – especially when it comes to pushing product. At Integris you are treated like a living, breathing person always with your well-being in mind. With Integris, we make the switch easy with our knowledgeable, efficient and service-first professionals. Do all of your finances under one roof with the Integris tri-force of financial services.

Take the plunge and switch to a local Financial Institution. Experience the Integris difference – because if money doesn’t sway you – then our core values, our community presence, and our superior service will.