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Interac e-Transfer Fraud Notice
We’ve noticed a growing trend in fraudulent e-transfers in the industry. Our Alerts feature allows you to be notified via mobile phone or email when an Interac e-Transfer recipient is added to your account. If this or any suspicious activity is reported in your account, please report it to your branch as soon as possible.

Receive messages on your phone or in your email inbox

With our online banking security alerts, you can be informed of any suspicious account activity.

Use our security alerts to make sure you’re aware of suspicious or potentially fraudulent account activity through your Online Banking. We’ll notify you through an email or mobile text message – it’s your choice. Activate any or all of the alerts and customize your selection based on your personal needs.

  • New Payee Added – Notifies you when a new bill payment vendor account is added.
  • Online Banking Account Lock Out – Triggered after three unsuccessful login attempts.
  • Online Personal Access Code (PAC) Change – Notifies/confirms that your PAC has been changed.


Setting up and managing alerts is quick and easy through Online Banking. And you can decide if there are others you’d like the alerts sent to as well. You can designate a joint account holder, someone acting with your Power of Attorney (POA), or really anyone else you choose. Just remember, if your contact is not joint on your accounts or doesn’t have your POA authorization, we won’t be able to discuss your account or the alert with them.

Safe and secure

No personal information is transmitted with the alerts. This includes account numbers or other data that potentially could be used to identify you or your accounts.

Peace of mind

Concerned about an elderly parent being taken advantage of or perhaps falling prey to a scam? Bring everyone greater peace of mind and help your parents set up security alerts by adding your mobile phone number or email as one of their contacts.

How to set up and manage your security alerts

  • Log into Online Banking.
  • Click on the Messages and Alerts
  • Click on the Manage Alerts Contact(s) and Mobile Nicknames tab and choose Add Mobile Phone or Add Email.
  • After accepting the Alerts Agreement, input the contact information.
  • For a mobile phone contact you will be prompted for a passcode. The passcode will be sent to the mobile device as a text message.
  • Go back to the Manage Alerts page and select the Security Alert(s) you wish to activate.
  • Using the Edit button, indicate the contacts you want each Alert sent to.
  • Click Submit to activate the Alert.
  • You can have up to three mobile phone numbers or email addresses listed as contacts.
  • Add, delete, and even disable a contact temporarily by clicking the Manage Alerts tab.