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Protect Yourself Against Computer Viruses

A new Trojan horse virus has been recently reported and dubbed the “silentbanker”. This virus can permit thieves to monitor your behaviour and, potentially, perform unauthorized transactions in Online Banking services and other transactional websites. This virus can be installed on your computer without your knowledge when you open email attachments or visit discreditable websites.

Although Credit Unions are at a lower risk of attack than big banks, we cannot ignore this or other virus threats. As always, you should ensure your computer is safe by having the latest anti-virus software installed.

There are a number of anti-virus products available, including those from McAfee and Norton Symantec. Both allow you to buy anti-virus software directly from their sites.

Once you have anti-virus software it is important to update it regularly and ensure you keep your web browser and operating system up to date.

If you would like more information on keeping your computer safe, please visit the following links:

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