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Survey says…

You don’t know what you don’t know.

It happens every once in a while, you make a purchase and out pops that elusive survey with a special remark identifying you as one of XXX people. If you complete the survey, your name gets entered into a massive database of names and you most likely never hear back.

The 2015 Integris Member Survey is going to work a little differently – every single Integris personal and business member will have a chance to complete the survey. What? Really! Yes and one lucky member will walk away with $500 cash. Pretty cool, eh?

How does the survey work?

From February 2nd until February 7th members will see a survey link available in their online banking. The link will lead to a survey hosted by CUES.

Upon clicking the link, members will be presented with a survey log-in screen. Here is what you do:

  1. Log into the survey with the debit card number
  2. For the survey password, enter the following:
    1. personal members enter their date of birth;
    2. business memeber enter the postal code of their primary address.
  3. Fill out the survey.

Once the survey is completed, each debit card number will be entered into the draw to win one prize of $500.

As a cost-savings measure, the survey will be primarily electronic; however, members that do not have a computer or online banking will be able to pick up a printable version in-branch.

What is the point of a survey?

There are certain things we think Integris is well known for: being active in our communities, providing above and beyond service excellence, providing a competitive range of financial products and services, as well as a few others.

We’re like the kid that thinks they’re cool – but if we’re not, someone needs to tell us…after all, how we improve if we don’t ask for feedback.

Click here to take the survey!

cori-ramsay Written by Cori Ramsay, BA – Communications Officer