Updating Your Browser

For your Security…

As of January 31, 2016, we will no longer support Internet Explorer 6 and 7, or MS Windows 2000 or XP. If you are using Internet Explorer 8 & later or Firefox 24 & later, please ensure TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 are enabled.

Users who have not updated their browsers by this time will not be able to connect to www.integriscu.ca.

Instructions on updating specific browsers are below:

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox

As a security concern we highly encourage members to keep their web browsers up-to-date.  The list below gives directions on updating the following browsers:

Apple Safari
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge

How do I find out what browser I am using?

We’ve included icons for each browser in the boxes above to help you discover which browser you are using.   

Anti-Virus & Internet Security

As a reminder, remember that security is everyone’s responsibility.  Please ensure you have updated anti-virus and internet security software on your phones, tablets, laptops and desktops!  Also, please use our free software, Trusteer Rapport, which adds a layer protection to your online banking sessions.

If you are having difficulties updating your browser, please contact your branch for assistance.